(977) 9851223214, 01-5134140, 5134081 Gokarneshwor-08, Makalbari, Kathmandu, Nepal (977) 9851223214, 01-5134140, 5134081 Gokarneshwor-08, Makalbari, Kathmandu, Nepal

About Jaya Multiple Campus

Jaya Multiple Campus (JMC) established to provide quality education, by academic enthusiasts in 2064 BS, is an extension to Manakamana secondary school Dakshindhoka, Jorpati. After the tremendous success in the past three decades at the secondary level, the school initiated to establish a campus of its own with distinct features.

The serene and beautiful location with the spacious area of the campus has contributed to the best academic environment for the students as well as teachers.

Bhawani Prasad Paudel


Congratulations to SEE graduates and dignified parents. First of all, I would like to express my hearty gratitude for selecting Manakamana Secondary School (MSS) as a place to mold a career-oriented future. Moreover, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our well-wishers, members of the Boarding School Forum, Jorpati, and all the concerned ones. Amidst filthy practices and business motives, JMC, a non-profit co-educational college along with its sister organization MSS has stood with the clear vision of providing quality education to all at a moderate expense.

Our Program



  1. Com.English
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biology/computer science
  5. Mathematics
  6. Nepali


  1. Comp. English
  2. Comp. Nepali
  3. Comp. Social Studies/Mathematics
  4. Accountancy
  5. Economics
  6. BS/CS/HM


  1. Comp. English
  2. Comp. Nepali
  3. Mass Communication
  4. Sociology
  5. Opt.English/Nepali
  6. Social Studies


1. Comp. Nepali
2. Comp. English
3. Comp. Social Studies

Student Feedback

  • Jaya Multiple Campus (JMC) is not just a college; it’s a place of opportunity and fun. We, as JMC students, are proud to be part of it. JMC provides quality education relevant to the 21st century, combining theory and practical learning. It has exceeded our expectations and helped us grow academically, professionally, and personally. Join JMC and become part of our family.

    Master Degree
  • After excelling in SLC, I joined JMC to pursue my career. Initially, unfamiliar faces disappointed me, unaware of the joy they would bring. Remarkable teachers supported me as a novice. JMC cultivates confidence, self-reliance, and independence. It’s a dedicated college that guides students to fulfilling careers. At JMC, dreams are nurtured, and the right path is discovered.

    BBS I Year
  • Choosing Jaya Multiple Campus was like finding the brightest star among countless colleges. In just a year, it has become a place where I gain knowledge and pursue my dreams. JMC is more than a college; it’s a serene and divine sanctuary. The friendly environment, dedicated teachers, efficient management, and focus on extracurricular activities make JMC exceptional. Proud to be part of Jaya Multiple Campus.

    Bishnu Giri
    Class 11 'C'
  • As a Management Faculty Level 2 student, I’m fortunate to be part of Jaya Multiple Campus. It’s one of the finest colleges in the Kathmandu Valley, offering excellent facilities and a serene environment. JMC provides quality education and fosters leadership skills. I welcome SEE graduates to join our JMC family and secure a bright future with us.

    Sushmita Kc
    XI 'A' Management
  • My first year of college was a time filled with anticipation, some anxiety, and wonderful discoveries. It was full of new cognitive, social, struggle, and emotional challenges. But as time passed, before I knew it, It was my new life. There is a saying “Experience is what you didn’t get what you wanted.” The first year is all about gaining experience through all struggles.

    Saroj Prasad Mainali
    Science XI
  • Yesterday felt like life’s end, but JMC made me feel reborn. The college offers a nurturing environment with supportive friends and teachers. Despite the challenges on the path to my dreams, JMC stands by me. Amidst broken pieces and pain, I glimpse my dream in the sky, with JMC as my companion. It lifts me, supports me, and walks alongside me, guiding me every step of the way.

    Management XI
  • I am Sunanda Ghimire, a BSW 2nd year student. After exploring different colleges and entrance exams, I felt motivated to choose JMC for my educational journey. The exceptional standard of instruction, educational system, and college reputation surpassed my expectations. With aspirations of becoming a successful journalist, JMC provides a fruitful learning environment. It serves as a gateway to achieving career-oriented goals through its dynamic approach.

    BSW 2nd Year
  • I am Bindu Bohara, a Management student at JMC. In just a year, JMC has become my second home. The teachers, classmates, and staff are incredibly supportive and friendly, creating a welcoming environment. With its eco-friendly campus, green spaces, and peaceful surroundings, JMC offers an ideal learning atmosphere. I am grateful for the opportunities JMC provides, and I am determined to make my time here memorable.

    Bindu Bohara
    BBS III Year
  • JMC serves as a pivotal step towards our goals, providing experienced teachers and fostering a friendly, peaceful environment that facilitates systematic knowledge acquisition. It holds a special place in my heart and memories, shaping my journey.

    Humanities XI
  • Jaya Multiple Campus, a prestigious college in the Kathmandu valley, embodies the motto “Education for Humanity and Creativity.” Being a part of this institution fills me with immense pride. JMC excels in delivering quality education, cultivating a peaceful and disciplined environment, and providing well-equipped facilities. With experienced teachers, it has produced highly skilled students who achieve remarkable results. JMC serves as the ideal platform to launch a successful career, offering abundant opportunities.

    Deepa Thapa
    Humanities XI