Student Feedback

Bishnu Giri

Among the million stars, I chose the brightest one. Among the thousands colleges, I chose Jaya Multiple Campus. I have been a part of Jaya Multiple college, since last year. In this one year, I came to learn so many new things .This is not just a college . It is as pure as a temple and beautiful as a heaven, where I got chance to increase my ability, knowledge and feel closer to my dream. I feel myself more confident, hopeful and optimistic person. And It wouldn't be possible, If it wasnot Jaya Multiple Campus. Friendly and peaceful learning environment, qualified,experienced and energetic teachers, systematic and dynamic management system, and disciplined environment what make Jaya Multiple Campus a unique one. JMC not only focuses on study but also on extra curricular activities like football, basketball, dance, music, art ,etc. Motivational class, timely and proper counselling, help in overall development of an individual. I feel proud and delighted to call myself a part of Jaya Multiple Campus.