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Jaya Multiple Campus Bachelor in Social Work (BSW)Program

Social Work’ is fundamentally a multidisciplinary course drawing theoretical concepts from different social science, keeping work values and principles at the core. Thus, social work education focuses on a holistic and integrated method of practice rather than a reduction list approach. Social work education is an attempt towards the building up of knowledge base necessary for the practice (through theory classes), learning and refinement of skill (through concurrent field work), and imbibing necessary ethical and value base (through various exposures, supervision, and  constant reflection process). Therefore, social work education can play a critical role in shaping the overall outlook of an individual; preparing the self as an agent for social change. The total course is divided as follow.
Subject Full Marks
Th. Pr. Total

First Year

  •  BSW 311 Major (SW I) Concepts and Principles of Social Works

Second Year

  • BSW 312 Major (SW II) Methods of 60 40 100
    Social Work
  • BSW 313 Major (SWIII) Integrated 60 40 100
    Social Work Practice

Third Year

  •  BSW 314 Major (SW IV) Social Welfare 60 40 100
  • BSW 315 Major (SW V) Research 60 40 100
    Methods in Social Work
  • BSW 316 Functional Paper (SW VI) 60 40 100
    Development Perspective in Social Work
  • Other Major Subjects offered in BA are:
    i) English ii) Journalism ii) Nepali