(977) 9851223214, 01-5134140, 5134081 Gokarneshwor-08, Makalbari, Kathmandu, Nepal (977) 9851223214, 01-5134140, 5134081 Gokarneshwor-08, Makalbari, Kathmandu, Nepal

Message From Chairman

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the parents and students for selecting Jaya Multiple Campus (JMC) as a place of academic excellence. I would like to extend my deep appreciation to all the members for their interest and continuous Support in its achievement since its establishment. We are a group of deeply committed scholars, much encouraged by the achievement of different member schools of this area for decades. Everyone had felt the pressing need for a convenient center for higher education for their children. Moreover, it would take more time and be expensive as well. The establishment of JMC has made it easier for both parents and students in this regard. Similarly, JMC would always strive to create opportunities for quality education at the best possible expense. It would soon set up all the necessary infrastructures to cater to itself as one of the meritorious colleges in Nepal. I am glad to announce that, after running BBS and BA (TU) programs from 2064, we’re running MBS (TU) program in 2071 as the next step to our institutional goal. Likewise, other programs such as BCA, BBA, and BIM are in the pipeline. Lastly, my sincere thanks go to all well-wishers, students, and devoted team of teachers for their constant support in strengthening the institutional development as well as Heightening the academic standard of the college. And I would further seek the same moral support and cooperation from all in the days to come.

With a warm welcome,
Thanking you all.
Jagannath Devkota